Mechanical engineering faculty of Islamic Azad University,Najafabad branch (IAUN) and Manufacturing Modern Technologies Research Center (MMTRC) are proud to announce that the 1st Najafabad Manufacturing Engineering International Conference (NMEIC 2017) and 4th Najafabad Manufacturing Engineering National Conference will be held in the city of Najafabad,Iran on 26th to 28th of December,2017.

The main purpose of the conference is to exchange ideas and present scientific discoveries and the latest achievements of mechanical engineering students,researchers,engineers and academics.

All managers,engineers,researchers and scientists are invited and encouraged to have an extensive presence in this international conference to promote its good standing,esteem and scientific weight. 

-          Traditional and advanced machining: Turning,Milling,Grinding,Finishing operations,EDM,LBM,                 ECM,WJM,USM,...
-          Forming operations of metals and non-metals
-          Computer aided design and manufacturing: CAD/CAM,CAPP,CNC,FMS,CAQC,DNC,..
-         Metallurgical manufacturing processes: Metal casting,Welding,Powder Metallurgy,Heat treatment,          Surface engineering,...
-          Composites and nanocomposites: Manufacturing and simulation
-          Automation in manufacturing:Robotic,Mechatronics,Artificial intelligence and expert systems,                   Instrumentation Engineering,Design and manufacturing of machinery and assembly,...
-          Manufacturing on a small scale: Micro and Nano technology
-          Destructive and non-destructive tests: Mechanical methods,Electromagnetic and Acoustic                        methods,...
-          Industrial applications in manufacturing 
-             Manufacturing Engineering in national industries
Economics and Management in Manufacturing Engineering
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All accepted paper will be published in Journal of Modern Processes in Manufacturing and Production. 
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