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-          Traditional and advanced machining: Turning,Milling,Grinding,Finishing operations,EDM,LBM,                 ECM,WJM,USM,...
-          Forming operations of metals and non-metals
-          Computer aided design and manufacturing: CAD/CAM,CAPP,CNC,FMS,CAQC,DNC,..
-         Metallurgical manufacturing processes: Metal casting,Welding,Powder Metallurgy,Heat treatment,          Surface engineering,...
-          Composites and nanocomposites: Manufacturing and simulation
-          Automation in manufacturing:Robotic,Mechatronics,Artificial intelligence and expert systems,                   Instrumentation Engineering,Design and manufacturing of machinery and assembly,...
-          Manufacturing on a small scale: Micro and Nano technology
-          Destructive and non-destructive tests: Mechanical methods,Electromagnetic and Acoustic                        methods,...
-          Industrial applications in manufacturing 
-             Manufacturing Engineering in national industries
Economics and Management in Manufacturing Engineering